Mrs Angela McIntyre


Angela McIntyre has been involved with Foyle Hospice since its inception over thirty years ago. She worked closely with Dr Tom McGinley to ensure the provision of a facility which fully met the needs of the local community. Angela previously held the position of Vice Chairperson and was subsequently appointed as Chairperson of Foyle Hospice at the Annual General Meeting in June 2017.

A fully qualified nurse, Angela has held a number of positions as a Midwife, Health Visitor, Lecturer at North West Regional College and was instrumental in supporting the establishment of the nursing department at Foyle Hospice. She has been employed as a Health Worker with the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership for the last nine years, retiring from this position in March 2018.

Both professional and person experiences have encouraged Angela to always put the needs of others first, going the extra mile for anyone who needs help and support. Over the years, Angela has worked tirelessly and been whole heartedly committed to address the needs of local families and has been a lifelong supporter of hospice and palliative care in the local community.