Almost 70% of our funding comes from generous people

It is easy to do, visit our virtual tree and select a light here or click the image of our virtual Christmas Tree above. Select a Light for Love and leave a special message of love on our virtual Christmas Tree and make your donation.

As you know, we are heavily reliant on the support of the community – almost 70% of our funding comes from generous people like you and for the last thirty-five years, you have enabled us to stand as a shelter in the storm for thousands of families across the North West.

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that, this year, we have had to cancel many of our long-standing events in order to keep our supporters and the wider community safe. As I’m sure you can appreciate, this has had a serious impact on our ability to raise funds for the critical care we provide.

Thank you for your continued and steadfast support – without you, we simply wouldn’t be here. Together, let’s make sure that Foyle Hospice continues to serve as a place of care and support for generations to come. Wishing you and yours a very happy and peaceful Christmas.