Being diagnosed with a life limiting illness makes life uncertain for patients and their families/ carers, causing us to question things that we previously took for granted. Perhaps it makes us fearful about the future.

The main work of chaplains in the inpatient unit is to be present, to come alongside patients, families and carers to offer much needed support and the opportunity to explore their own thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears. The Chaplains offer a listening ear and time to address feelings about the reality of living with an illness or any concerns approaching the end of life.

The chaplains also offer more specific spiritual help through prayer, reading of scripture and religious services. At all times we respect the right of individuals not to avail of chaplaincy visits and we usual ascertain these wishes on admission to the inpatient unit.

Foyle Hospice has chaplains from the main Christian denominations. Please speak to a nurse or doctor for more information pertaining to our chaplaincy services.

LIST OF CHAPLAINS ( subject to change)

  • Presbyterian:  Rev Alastair Rosborough 
  • Methodist: Rev Alison Gallagher 
  • Church of Ireland: Rev David McBeth 
  • Roman Catholic: Father McDevitt,  Father Clerkin, Father Nozia 

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