Every penny counts

Coin Hunt

Every penny counts here at Foyle Hospice.  Every year thousands of pounds continue to be donated through our Coin Hunt collection boxes which are situated in homes, businesses and schools throughout the North West. 

We are always looking for new locations for our collection boxes, so if you would like to have one, whether it is at home or at work, or if you already have one and it needs emptying please contact the Fundraising Centre on  (028) 71 359888 or email:  fundraising@foylehospice.com

Hospice Harry Boxes  

Encourage our young, future fundraisers! 

We have a new fundraising initiative ‘Hospice Harry Heroes’ for Foyle Hospice aimed at Nursery and Primary School children. We have now got specially designed coin boxes for children. Hospice Harry, our mascot will send a personalised certificate to all children who return their boxes to us. 

If you would like a box or to ask about how you can get involved with our ‘Hospice Harry’ Coin Hunt Campaign please call us now.  

coin hunt 2

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