About foyle hospice

Who We Are

Foyle Hospice provides ongoing palliative care services for patients with cancer and other life limiting illnesses while supporting their families and loved ones in the North West of Northern Ireland.  Our commitment is to improve the quality of life of patients while extending care and support to their families and loved ones.

Our Mission & Vision

Hospice Care is based on a philosophy which recognises the need to treat each person with dignity, respect and compassion irrespective of their cultural or religous background. 

Our Vision is that all adults in our local community living with life-limiting illness will have access to the best possible palliative care that is appropriate to their needs.

Our Aims are to:

  • Provide the highest levels of support and care to our patients and help them to retain independence and control of as many aspects of their care and life as possible.
  • Share truthful information about diagnosis, treatment and prognosis with a patient in a sensitive manner. 
  • Support families and loved ones to help them cope during the illness and in bereavement in an attentive and non-intrusive manner. 
  • Co-operate and collaborate with other professionals and support agencies, in particular the Primary Health Care Team and Hospitals.
  • Make decisions about treatment and care in conjunction with members of a multidisciplinary team and in line with a patient's personal goals and preferences.
  • Be an excellent and rewarding place to work.
  • Support and value our volunteers.

How We Are Funded

It costs approximately £2.8 million per year to maintain our existing services. All our services are free to patients and relatives. We receive approximately 30% of our annual funding from the Health & Social Care Board. The gap in funding means that we are heavily dependent on grant awarding bodies along with the good will and generosity of the local community.

Local financial support comes primarily from many individuals, businesses and support groups, providing almost 70% of our annual running costs. The vital contribution from our 350+ volunteer community complementing the work of our staff guarantees that every patient and their family receive, free of charge, an exemplary specialist palliative care service.

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