Sad passing of Bishop Daly

The Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers were deeply saddened at the death of Dr Edward Daly earlier this morning. Bishop Daly had been Chaplain at Foyle Hospice for over twenty years and had supported many patients and their families, as well as the staff and volunteers, when they experienced difficult times. The respect and admiration for Bishop Daly was evident by the number of people who attended when he celebrated Mass in Foyle Hospice almost every Sunday until he resigned from his duties as Chaplain in February 2016.

Bishop Daly was a highly respected and charismatic individual who treated everyone equally and made no difference to anyone irrespective of whether they held religious beliefs or not. He tended to the spiritual needs, but also very clearly understood the practicalities of the needs of patients in palliative care.
Foyle Hospice CEO, Donall Henderson said, “I was very humbled to meet Bishop Daly when I took up post two years ago. During that time he has been so supportive and always brought a sense of calmness and a warm smile when he came into the hospice. Bishop Daly worked tirelessly throughout the whole community, but we were extremely fortunate that his ministry led him to Foyle Hospice. We will be eternally grateful for the comfort and peace he brought to many patients and families, as well as to our staff and volunteers. He truly was a man of the people, very much part of the fabric of Foyle Hospice and will be sorely missed.'

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